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What Is Teeth Extraction?

When your tooth has endured significant damage or decay, reaching a state where conventional remedies like fillings or crowns are ineffective, your dentist might choose the final course of action: tooth extraction.

Indeed, if your tooth has suffered severe harm beyond the possibility of repair, the extraction becomes an essential procedure. This dental intervention involves the complete removal of your tooth from its socket (pulling the tooth).

However, the primary teeth, commonly known as milk teeth, may naturally loosen and fall out to pave the way for permanent teeth, often without requiring professional dental intervention or extraction.

Various conditions may require tooth extraction, including excessive tooth decay, tooth infections, and overcrowding. Dental practitioners, alongside specialized professionals like oral surgeons and periodontists, are often capable of performing tooth extractions.

The roots of dental extractions can be traced back to the 14th century, showcasing their long-standing presence in the field of dentistry. Following the extraction, the socket typically takes approximately 1 to 2 weeks to heal, while the affected bone and surrounding tissues may require a slightly longer duration for complete recovery.

Why Choose Teeth Extraction in Turkey?

Teeth extraction isn’t a pleasing experience. The procedure has a negative impression on the mentality of most people.

However, you can minimize your fears and turn the procedure into a more acceptable experience by choosing to have the procedure in Turkey, especially in international Clinics in Istanbul.

The reasons that come to mind for why to choose this country for dental procedures include:

Cheaper Teeth Extraction

Generally, the affordability of dental procedures in Turkey, combined with the exceptional quality of care, presents a remarkable opportunity for patients to get their teeth extracted or removed at a fraction of the cost compared to other countries.

That’s not to say that teeth extraction is expensive in other countries, but rather the overall cost of care is cheaper in Turkey due to other services provided to the patients.

Expert Dentists

When it comes to performing teeth extraction, there is an abundance of highly skilled dental professionals in Turkey who possess extensive knowledge in performing the procedure with delicate care and less pain.

Thanks to years of training and experience with international patients, Turkish dentists ensure patients receive the dental care they deserve with minimal risk.

Respected Dental Clinics

Dental clinics in Turkey, notably International Clinics in Istanbul, have demonstrated a great deal of quality and commitment to the health of international patients, thanks to their advanced dental procedures and technology.

Besides, they employ dental professionals to deliver the highest standard of care, ensuring accurate diagnoses and precise treatment execution.

Safer Teeth Extraction

Prior to teeth extraction, Turkish practitioners conduct thorough pre-operative assessments to ensure the stability and effectiveness of teeth extraction for the patients.

Furthermore, stringent hygiene practices are followed at every stage, from the waiting areas to the treatment rooms, instilling confidence in patients and ensuring a safe and sterile environment throughout the procedure.

Less Stressful Experience

In Turkey, patients have the unique opportunity to wind up their worries and fears about teeth extraction. After all, they can combine their dental treatment with an unforgettable travel experience. For instance, they can indulge in delectable cuisine to create lasting memories after the treatment is over in Istanbul.

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Benefits of Teeth Extraction

Despite being an intimidating procedure for many, teeth extraction actually has a lot of benefits to offer, such as:

The Procedure of Teeth Extraction

Tooth extraction can be performed using either local anesthesia at a dentist's office or general anesthesia in a hospital setting, depending on the specific circumstances.

The healing process for the extraction site generally takes around two weeks. The steps of the procedure conventionally include:

1. anesthesia

To ensure your comfort throughout the procedure, your dentist will begin by administering local anesthesia.

2. Loosening & lifting the tooth

Using specialized dental instruments, your dentist will delicately loosen your affected tooth from its socket. With careful precision, the tooth is then gently lifted and removed.

3. Cleaning & disinfection

Once the tooth is extracted, the socket is cleaned and disinfected. This crucial step helps prevent the risk of infection and promotes a healthy healing process.

Risks of Teeth Extraction

Like any surgical procedure, there is a slight possibility of encountering complications after teeth extraction, including:

Cost of Teeth Extraction in Turkey

The cost of a tooth extraction significantly varies among clinics. In Turkey, the overall cost is usually under 50 US dollars. However, additional factors, such as the complexity of the procedure or any necessary follow-up care, may influence the overall cost. In other countries, such as the United States, the cost can go up to 200 US dollars, making Turkey a cheaper alternative.

How Can International Clinics Help You?

International Clinics helps international patients access affordable, high-quality medical and aesthetic procedures in Turkey. Our team of consultants is here to answer your questions and provide guidance throughout your treatment journey.

Our partner hospitals and clinics have successfully performed thousands of procedures for patients from Europe, Asia, North America, and the Middle East.

Use the contact forms on our website to request a free consultation with our team. We’re ready to help you get the care you need.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You can eat after tooth extraction, but you must avoid hard, crunchy foods and, instead, stick to liquids and soft foods.

You can’t brush your teeth on the first day. Instead, you need to wait for 2-3 days to resume your brushing routine.

You must avoid rinsing your mouth aggressively, smoking, and using straws or such candy.

Tooth extraction can be painful, but dentists usually provide a good dose of anesthesia before the procedure.

You need to rest your body for a day at least after tooth extraction. Besides, you must avoid harsh activities.

The affected tooth may need around 1-2 weeks to heal after the extraction procedure.


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