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What Is Mandibular Setback Surgery?

Mandibular setback surgery plays a vital role in correcting certain skeletal malocclusions that occur in the mandible. The mandible (the lower jaw) possesses a distinctive U-shaped structure and is the sole movable bone within the skull.

Surgeons often use a technique called bilateral sagittal split osteotomy (BSSO) to perform setback surgery. The purpose of mandibular setback surgery primarily revolves around both aesthetic and functional enhancements.

It’s usually suggested for those affected by mandibular prognathism (MP). This condition manifests when the mandible protrudes anteriorly in relation to the maxilla, leading to what is commonly referred to as class III malocclusion.

Often, the setback procedure is undertaken during the teenage years or after the skeletal maturity has been reached.

When combined with orthodontics, mandibular setback surgery yields several benefits, including improvements in masticatory functions, occlusion, and overall esthetics.

However, research studies have shed light on the impact of the surgery on both the soft and hard tissues comprising the mandible. After all, the repositioning of the mandible can influence various components, such as the position of the tongue and the pharyngeal airway space.

Why Choose Mandibular Setback Surgery in Turkey?

Turkey comes as an exceptional choice for mandibular setback surgery and other similar jaw surgeries.

In fact, the country is an ideal destination for this transformative procedure, and the reasons behind this statement include:

Cheaper Mandibular Setback Surgery

One of the key advantages of choosing Turkey for mandibular setback surgery is the low cost.

Above all, Turkish dental clinics, such as international Clinics in Istanbul, offer significantly lower costs compared to many other countries, making them an appealing option for individuals wishing to avoid exorbitant expenses.

Expertise in Mandibular Surgeries

In Turkey, there is a wealth of highly skilled and renowned surgeons who specialize in mandibular setback surgery.

These experts have mastered these surgeries through years of rigorous training and hands-on experience. Hence, they become more capable of performing complex procedures with precision and proficiency.

Proper Equipment

To provide advanced medical surgeries and procedures such as mandibular setback surgery, Turkish dental clinics must be equipped with state-of-the-art technology and cutting-edge equipment.

From advanced imaging techniques to the latest surgical tools, these clinics ensure that patients receive the most effective and efficient treatments available with fewer risks and complications.

Prioritizing patient privacy and maintaining the utmost confidentiality throughout the treatment process is the main focus of many Turkish dental clinics.

Privacy & Confidentiality

Indeed, they have protocols in place to protect personal information and medical records, ensuring that individuals undergoing mandibular setback surgery can have complete peace of mind regarding the privacy of their sensitive data.

Smoother Recovery

Having mandibular setback surgery in Turkey is a unique opportunity to combine medical treatment with leisure experience, especially in the period following the procedure. In short, patients are invited to enjoy architecture, cuisine, and traditions while recovering from the procedure.

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Benefits of Mandibular Setback Surgery

Mandibular setback surgery (or bilateral sagittal split osteotomy) is a frequently performed surgical procedure to enhance aesthetics, masticatory function, and occlusion of the mandible.

This type of surgery is commonly utilized to address both functional and aesthetic issues in individuals suffering from mandibular prognathism.

By correcting difficulties with chewing and speech, as well as addressing the aesthetic concerns arising from an excessively prominent mandible, this procedure brings about significant benefits, including:

The Procedure of Mandibular Setback Surgery

The mandibular setback procedure encompasses several crucial steps to ensure the successful realignment of the mandible and achieving the desired outcomes. These steps include:

1. Initiate bilateral intraoral incisions

In order to expose the posterior aspect of the mandible, your surgeon makes incisions on both sides of the mouth. This provides the necessary access to the surgical site.


To establish the desired occlusion, the repositioned mandible is carefully positioned into a class I relationship. Wires are utilized to achieve maxillomandibular fixation


Finally, any bony interference or irregularities between the two divided segments of the mandible are removed. To secure the mandible in its new position, rigid fixation techniques are employed.

Risks of Mandibular Setback Surgery

As the case for other jaw surgeries, mandibular setback surgery comes with some potential risks, such as:

Cost of Mandibular Setback Surgery in Turkey

In Turkey, the cost of mandibular setback surgery falls between 1500-2000 US dollars. This price tag is definitely cheaper than in other countries. In the United States, for example, the cost of the surgery can go up to 7000 US dollars, not to mention other additional fees and follow-up sessions. Hence, more and more patients prefer to have their surgeries in Turkey.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The general side effects of mandible surgery include scarring, infection, bleeding, fractures, teeth damage, and other similar common concerns.

Your dentist may treat mandibular retrognathia by prescribing certain dental appliances or by suggesting surgery.

You can straighten my mandible by wearing braces or palatal expanders. If these methods don’t work, then you can think about having surgery.

Types of jaw surgery are enormous, but they usually fall under the following categories: TMJ surgery, genioplasty, bimaxillary osteotomy, mandibular osteotomy, and maxillary osteotomy.

If you have a small or deficient chin, your dentist may suggest genioplasty, which is the most common surgery for such a problem.

Surgery for TMJ is worth it, at least for those who have chronic jaw joint problems.


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