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What Is a Dental Veneer?

Are you feeling dissatisfied with the look of your smile? Do you shy away from smiling openly or feel embarrassed about showing your teeth? Well, the time has come to put all these feelings aside and try dental veneers in Turkey.

If traditional tooth whitening treatments or bleaching haven’t given you the results you want or if you have teeth that are chipped, broken, discolored, or significantly worn, veneers might just be the answer.

Dental veneers are basically custom-made shells designed to fit perfectly over your teeth, enhancing their appearance and giving you a beautiful smile. This is why they’re sometimes called a Hollywood smile or smile makeover. These shells can be made from either porcelain or composite resin.

The veneers come as thin shells specially designed to cover the front surface of your teeth. They are bonded to the front of your teeth, and this can change their color, shape, size, or length.

So, if you want a quick and effective way to boost your confidence and transform your smile, veneers might just be the way to go!

Why Choose Dental Veneers in Turkey?

Dental veneers can transform your smile and boost your confidence. While the cost of veneers can vary depending on where you go, Turkey remains the cheapest option on the map.

Indeed, it’s a popular destination for those seeking high-quality and affordable dental care. Here are some reasons why you might want to consider getting dental veneers in Turkey:


The cost of dental veneers can be quite high in some countries. However, Turkey is known for offering competitive pricing on a wide range of dental procedures, including veneers.

The reason behind this stems from the lower cost of living and favorable exchange rates, which means that you can save a significant amount of money by choosing to have your veneers done in Turkey.

High-Quality Care

While the price may be lower, you don't have to sacrifice quality when getting dental veneers in Turkey. The country is home to many highly qualified and experienced dentists who use the latest techniques and methods to ensure the best possible results.

Advantageously, many clinics adhere to international standards and regulations, giving you peace of mind when it comes to the quality of care.

Natural-Looking Results

Veneers are designed to look and feel like natural teeth, and this is something that Turkish dentists achieve on a regular bases. They have a keen eye for aesthetics and take the time to create customized veneers that perfectly match the size, shape, and color of your natural teeth.

Hence, you can expect beautiful and natural-looking results that will enhance your smile and boost your confidence.

Quick & Easy Procedure

Compared to other dental procedures, the veneer procedure is a relatively quick and straightforward process. Once you've had your initial consultation and treatment plan, the actual procedure can be completed in just a few appointments.

This means that you can enjoy your new smile in a matter of weeks rather than months or even years.

An Opportunity to Explore Turkey

Finally, getting dental veneers in Turkey gives you the opportunity to combine your treatment with a relaxing and enjoyable vacation. After all, the country is known for its delicious cuisine, rich history, stunning landscapes, and many more exciting things.

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Benefits of Dental Veneers

Obviously, these custom-made shells can work wonders on your teeth, leaving you with a brighter and more even smile. Here are the main benefits that might propel you to have the procedure:

Types of Dental Veneers

There are different types of veneers available for you to explore and pick from! Here are the main types:

Porcelain Veneers

These are the basic choice for those looking to improve the appearance of their teeth. Porcelain veneers come in the same color as natural teeth but can also be made whiter to enhance your smile.

They come as thin caps with incredible strength and are placed on the tops and sides of the teeth to create a natural-looking, bright smile. To attach them, the dentist may remove some enamel from the tooth beforehand.

Resin-Based Composite Veneers

If porcelain veneers don’t seem encouraging to you, resin-based composite veneers might be a good alternative option. They tend to be less expensive, easier to replace if broken or damaged, and require less enamel removal than porcelain veneers.

In some cases, a dentist may not have to remove any enamel before placing the composite veneer.

No-Prep Veneers

For those who prefer less invasive options, no-prep veneers (like Lumineers and Vivaneers) might be a perfect choice.

Unlike traditional veneers, they only affect the enamel and don't require the removal of layers of the tooth. In many cases, no-prep veneers don't even require local anesthetics or temporary veneers.

Removable Veneers

These are also known as pop-on or snap-on veneers. Clearly, they are a temporary solution that can hide imperfections in your natural teeth. There isn't much research available on removable veneers yet, but many dentists suggest them for patients and claim to be safe.

Like retainers, you can take them out anytime you want. However, they may make eating difficult and could have a negative impact on your speech.

The Procedure of Dental Veneers

The procedure of dental veneers starts with some preparations. After your dentist has prepared your teeth, they will place temporary veneers on them to protect them while the permanent ones are being crafted in a dental laboratory.

During your next appointment, your dentist will assess the shape, size, and color of your new veneers to ensure they match your desired outcome. Next, they will then use dental cement to permanently bond the veneers to your teeth and check your bite to make any necessary adjustments.

If you feel that something needs to be changed about your veneers (like the shape or color) don't hesitate to talk to your dentist. They will work with you and the dental laboratory to ensure that you get the results you want.

The good news is that there is no downtime following the veneer placement. You can return to your normal activities immediately. You can also eat or drink right after the procedure. So, there's no need to worry about disrupting your daily routine.

Risks of Dental Veneers

While dental veneers offer many benefits, they do have some drawbacks that you should be aware of. Here are a few:

Tips to Take Care of Your Veneers

Recovery after getting dental veneers is often quick and smooth. Once the veneers are cemented in place and the anesthetic has worn off, you can resume eating and chewing normally, but be careful not to bite your cheeks or tongue while the anesthetic is wearing off.

Traditional porcelain veneers can last at least 10 years, while no-prep veneers usually last around 5 to 7 years. You can prolong their lifespan by taking certain precautions, such as:

How Much Do Veneers Cost in Turkey?

The cost of dental veneers in Turkey ranges between 250-500 US dollars only. This is vastly cheaper than in other countries such as the United States or the United Kingdom.

As you may already know, dental clinics in these countries often charge 900 US dollars or more for porcelain veneers. For the composite veneers, the cost may range between 500-2000 US dollars in the United States.

How Can International Clinics Help You?

International Clinics helps international patients access affordable, high-quality medical and aesthetic procedures in Turkey. Our team of consultants is here to answer your questions and provide guidance throughout your treatment journey.

Our partner hospitals and clinics have successfully performed thousands of procedures for patients from Europe, Asia, North America, and the Middle East.

Use the contact forms on our website to request a free consultation with our team. We’re ready to help you get the care you need.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Veneers aren’t permanent. They usually last between 10-15 years, after which you may need to get another procedure.

Veneers don’t damage your teeth, but unfortunately, the underlying natural tooth structure may start to weaken over time. To prevent this, you must brush and floss regularly.

It’s certainly a good idea to get veneers in Turkey as the cost is lower than anywhere in Europe or North America. Besides, the quality of dental work is of a high standard in the country.

Dental veneers in Turkey last between 10-15 years. This of course applies to dental veneers in other countries as well.

Turkey veneers are so cheap because of the lower dentist fees and procedure costs.

It takes around 5 to 7 days to fit veneers in Turkey. The procedure usually involves two appointments or sessions.


Procedure Results

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Seamless Treatment Journey

In addition to the medical services that we provide at the International Clinics, we also provide a range of supportive services to ensure patient comfort and safety, including:

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We have allocated modern VIP cars to receive you at the airport and to transport you during your visits between the hotel and the hospital.


Accommodation will not be a problem at all, because our team will help you in booking the most suitable place during your stay in Turkey.

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A medical advisor will ensure an appropriate and comfortable treatment plan that meets all your needs.


Accommodation will not be a problem at all, because our team will help you in booking the most suitable place during your stay in Turkey.

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The quality team communicates with customers after surgeries and procedures to ensure that they are satisfied with all the services they have received.

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