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Overview of All Ceramic Restorations




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What Are All Ceramic Restorations?

The emergence of cutting-edge all-ceramic crowns has significantly boosted the appeal of dental restorations. These contemporary solutions aren’t only stronger and more dependable but also remarkably visually stunning. Ceramics, being biocompatible and inert materials, possess a remarkable degree of stability within the oral environment, making them a safe choice for use in the mouth.

An all-ceramic restoration presents an organic, visually harmonious approach to reviving the health and splendor of a compromised or extensively decayed tooth. Hence, dentists often suggest all-ceramic dental restorations for those who wish to avoid tarnishing their smile with metallic crowns or bridges.

These versatile restorations can be employed as bi-layered solutions, where an aesthetically pleasing ceramic veneer is applied over a sturdy core or framework. Additionally, they may be utilized as full-contour (monolithic) restorations, which can be stained to achieve the desired appearance when needed. This diverse range of applications makes all-ceramic restorations an attractive and effective option for maintaining a radiant and healthy smile.

Benefits of All Ceramic Restorations

The unparalleled appeal of all-ceramic restorations or crowns lies in their ability to masterfully replicate the appearance of natural teeth. The benefits of these restorations involve:

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Types of All Ceramic Restorations

The diverse range of all-ceramic restorations caters to various dental needs, offering both strength and aesthetic appeal. Key types include:

The Procedure of All-Ceramic Restorations

The entire procedure typically takes about three hours. However, it can be split into two separate appointments. Just let your dental care provider know your preference. When you require an all-ceramic crown, your dentist will carry out the procedure through a series of well-defined steps:

1. Decay removal

The dentist will first eliminate any decay from the affected tooth. This, of course, requires using different tools or dental equipment.

2. Tooth preparation

Next, the tooth is reshaped to create enough space for the new dental crown to fit securely.

3. Digital scanning

Once the enamel is appropriately removed, the dentist will scan the tooth digitally.

4. Model creation

A digital model of the new restoration is designed on a computer screen.

5. Crown manufacturing

The on-site milling machine fabricates the crown from a single piece of ceramic.

6. Fitting and bonding

The dentist checks the crown for proper fit, feel, and appearance before securely bonding it to the tooth.

Risks of All Ceramic Restorations

While all-ceramic crowns offer numerous benefits, there are certain risks and drawbacks to consider:

Cost of All Ceramic Restorations

There is no definitive price for all-ceramic restorations because many factors play a role in determining the overall cost. For instance, the cost widely varies based on the location, material costs, number of appointments, etc. In Turkey, the treatment may cost between 150-300 US dollars.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Zirconia crowns are lighter but stronger than all-ceramic crowns. Some all-ceramic crowns contain porcelain and specific types of metals, while zirconia is made up of zirconia crystals (known also as white gold).

The most common ceramic type in dentistry is feldspathic ceramics, which dentists use for different applications and uses.

Porcelain fused metal crowns (PFM) are made of metal and covered with a thin layer of porcelain, while all-ceramic crowns are made of ceramic and provide a more natural coloring for the tooth.

Ceramic crowns can last up to 10-15 years. People who constantly care for these crowns can extend their effectiveness for longer periods of time.

Zirconia isn’t all-ceramic as it can contain some metal atoms.

The thickness of all-ceramic crowns isn’t always generalized to all types of all-ceramic crowns. However, they usually fall between 1.5–2 mm.


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