Gingival Recession Treatment

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Gingival Recession Treatment

Gingival or gum recession stands as a clear form of gum disease, subtly invading your mouth's health. Your gum tissue slowly recedes, retreating from the stronghold it has on your teeth, thus leaving the hidden roots beneath exposed.

This event, almost like a covert operation, not only increases your teeth's vulnerability to the unforgiving cavities but also forms sinister "pockets".

Imagine small, open wounds forming between the teeth and the gum line, a perfect haven for disease-causing bacteria to erect their stronghold.

This phenomenon can be attributed to a variety of factors, some within your realm of control while others defiantly stand outside your control. The sign might be an unexpected surge in tooth sensitivity, akin to a sudden jolt of electricity.

Subsequently, you might notice that your teeth appear longer, or perhaps, feel an unfamiliar groove where the gum embraces the tooth. Even in the face of such an issue, it's worth noting that in most instances, mild gum recession doesn't necessitate treatment.

Why Choose Gingival Recession Treatment in Turkey?

There are many reasons why you should consider turning your compass towards Turkey for addressing the gingival recession.

This fascinating country, with its unique blend of cultures, is not only a tourism hub but also a significant player in the global dental care sector. Here are the main reasons to choose Turkey for your gum recession treatment:

Affordable Treatment

Despite offering top-tier services that seem expensive at first glance, dental treatments are remarkably cheaper in Turkey. In fact, the country offers the opportunity to receive high-quality gingival recession treatment at a fraction of the cost compared to other Western countries.

Skilled in Treating Gingival Recession

Turkish dental clinics, including International Clinics in Istanbul, host many highly trained and experienced dentists who use different methods to treat gingival recession. Furthermore, these clinics are equipped with tools and technologies that comply with international standards.

Comprehensive Treatment Plans

People from all around the world prefer to be treated in Turkish dental clinics as they offer an extensive range of treatments. Whether it's basic oral hygiene services, orthodontics, gum recession treatment, or complex periodontal procedures, you can find a solution that perfectly fits your needs.

Exceptional Packages

In Turkey, it’s very easy to find Turkish dental clinics that offer special packages that cover different nuances of patient care, providing not only excellent treatments but also ensuring patients feel comfortable and well-informed throughout their journey.

Easy Accessibility

Turkey is accessible from various parts of the world. If you’re living in Europe or in Asia, you can easily get to Istanbul by a short flight. Besides, the country also has an excellent transportation infrastructure that ensures your travel is seamless and hassle-free.

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Gingival Recession Treatment Methods

When treatment becomes necessary, your dentist might propose an array of solutions. Here are the primary methods employed to counteract gum recession:

- Open flap scaling: Your dentist folds back the affected gum tissue, clears out the harmful pathogens in the pockets, and then firmly repositions the gum tissue over the tooth root.

- Soft tissue graft: The most commonly employed gum tissue graft procedure is known as a connective tissue graft. During this procedure, your dentist carefully cuts a flap of skin at the roof of your mouth (palate).

- Regeneration: If your teeth supporting bone has been laid to waste due to gum recession, a procedure to regenerate the lost bone and tissue may be the way forward.

Prevention of Gingival Recession

The ultimate safeguard against gums recession lies in an unwavering commitment to regular dental check-ups and maintaining an impeccable oral hygiene regimen. Here are the crucial steps in fortifying your defenses:

Consistent oral care routine

Ensure that you brush and floss your teeth daily, transforming it into a non-negotiable ritual. It's not merely about frequency but also about doing it right. Always employ a soft-bristled toothbrush and don't hesitate to ask your dentist to demonstrate the correct brushing technique.

Regular dental visits

Visit your dentist or periodontist at least bi-annually, or as often as they recommend.

Address underlying issues

If a misaligned bite or nocturnal teeth grinding is conspiring to cause gum recession, it's time to discuss corrective measures with your dentist. Addressing the root of the problem is as vital as dealing with its manifestations.

Kick the bad habit

If you're a smoker, it's time you put that habit to rest. Not only will your lungs thank you, but so will your gums.

Balanced and nutritious diet

Ensure your meals are a symphony of balanced nutrition. After all, a healthy diet acts like a shield, safeguarding your oral health.


Keep a keen eye on any changes in your mouth. Your vigilance could be the early-warning system that wards off a full-blown oral health crisis.

Cost of Gingival Recession Treatment in Turkey

Depending on the original cause, the cost of gingival or gum recession treatment in Turkey is between 50-500 US dollars. If the dentist prescribes only medications, the cost may even be lower. If the dentist suggests surgery, the cost may reach up to 700 US dollars. In any case, the cost of treatment in Turkey remains among the cheapest in the world.

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Our partner hospitals and clinics have successfully performed thousands of procedures for patients from Europe, Asia, North America, and the Middle East.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Unfortunately, dentists can cure gum recession completely, but they can manage it using different approaches.

Gum recession is quite common among people with nearly 90% of old people (65 years and above) reporting having the condition in at least one tooth.

It becomes too late to try gum grafting if the gums are seriously damaged or receding so far back.

No, receding gums can’t grow back on their own, but dentists can suggest different treatments to prevent the case from worsening.

People usually need around 2 weeks to recover completely from gum recession surgery, but this largely depends on the number of teeth treated and other factors.

No, gum recession doesn’t heal on its own. It requires medical attention soon or later.


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