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What Is Jaw Operation?

Jaw operation or surgery, also recognized as orthognathic surgery, is a specialized surgical procedure that addresses anomalies in the jawbones, correcting their alignment along with the positioning of the teeth.

Only a qualified oral and maxillofacial surgeon, who has spent four exhaustive years in a hospital-based residency program, should perform this surgery.

This method essentially brings into line the maxilla, or the upper jaw, and the mandible, which is the lower jaw. Misalignment of these critical structures can have significant effects, disrupting your bite, complicating the act of eating, and even affecting speech.

Additionally, jaw surgery doesn't only serve a functional purpose—it can also have aesthetic benefits, potentially enhancing your facial appearance through these corrective measures.

The sources of jawbone issues vary, they may be congenital, meaning present from birth, or they can arise later due to injuries or other medical conditions that impact the jaw structure.

However, one must understand that orthognathic surgery isn't a single event or procedure; rather, it's a journey that might span several years until it reaches completion.

Why Choose Jaw Operation in Turkey?

An exceptional choice to make is to select Turkey as your destination for jaw operations. After all, the country is known for its modern medical clinics, qualified professionals, and cultural attractions. Indeed,

Turkey offers a comprehensive package for international patients. The main reasons for considering Turkey for jaw procedures include:

Cheaper Jaw Operations

Medical procedures in Turkey are often significantly cheaper than in Western countries, and this definitely includes jaw surgeries.

In addition, this affordability doesn’t compromise the quality of care, allowing international patients to get excellent jaw surgeries at a very competitive cost. International Clinics in Istanbul, for instance, are well-known for their competitive pricing.

Highly Skilled Surgeons

The field of jaw surgery in Turkey is witnessing remarkable expansion as new surgeons acquire advanced proficiency and expertise in this exact domain. Furthermore, many of these surgeons have studied and trained in renowned medical institutions across the globe.

State-of-the-Art Clinics

Hospitals in Turkey, such as International Clinics in Istanbul, are well-equipped with the required technology and infrastructure needed for performing all kinds of jaw surgeries. These clinics uphold stringent international medical standards, ensuring that patients receive top-tier healthcare services.

Location & Accessibility

Turkey is easily accessible from various corners of the world, especially for those residing in Europe and North America. Its airports are well-connected with many international destinations, facilitating travel for medical purposes.

Comprehensive Packages

In Turkey, it’s not hard to put your hands on comprehensive packages that encompass not only surgical procedures but also accommodation and in-country transportation. Surely, these packages remove much of the stress associated with planning for surgery.

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Benefits of Jaw Operation

As a specialized corrective procedure, jaw surgery can offer successful treatment for a range of conditions, often drastically improving the quality of life for patients. The primary benefits and conditions addressed by this surgical intervention include:

Types of Jaw Operations

There are various forms of jaw procedures. Clearly, it's important to understand these types to successfully address different jaw problems. The key categories include:

Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) Surgery

This procedure might be recommended by your healthcare professional if other treatments have been ineffective in mitigating your TMJ symptoms.

Maxillary Osteotomy

Focusing on the upper jaw, or the maxilla, this surgery aids in correcting issues related to this specific region.

Mandibular Osteotomy

This form of surgical intervention centers on the lower jaw, also known as the mandible. It's typically performed when your lower jaw noticeably protrudes or recedes.

Bimaxillary Osteotomy

Encompassing both the upper and lower jaws, this surgery is employed when a condition impacts both regions simultaneously.

The Procedure of Jaw Operation

The steps of jaw surgery might differ depending on each patient's unique needs, yet some general steps remain constant throughout the process.

Typically, surgeries range from 2 to 5 hours, though the exact duration depends on the complexity and nature of the procedure. The main phases can be summarized as follows:

1. Consultation & planning

The initial and critical step involves extensive discussions and planning among the dental team members. This phase establishes the roadmap for the entire procedure.

2. Administration of general anesthesia

To ensure you're comfortable during the procedure, general anesthesia is used.

3. Incisions & bone manipulation

During the procedure, the majority of the incisions are made inside your mouth. Occasionally, very small incisions might be made externally. The surgeon cuts into the jawbones and maneuvers them into the correct position.

4. Securing the jaws

Once the desired jaw position is achieved, a variety of tools such as bone plates, screws, or wires may be used to anchor the bones firmly in their new position. Over time, these tiny screws integrate into the bone structure, providing long-term stability.

5. Bone grafting or reshaping

In certain cases, additional bone might be needed. The surgeon may transfer bone from your hip, leg, or rib and secures it in place using plates and screws.

Risks of Jaw Operation

Undergoing jaw surgery is generally considered safe, thanks to advances in medical technology and techniques. Nevertheless, like any surgical procedure, it does carry certain risks, such as:

Recovery After Jaw Operation

Following an orthognathic procedure, most patients will typically remain in the hospital for a period of 1 to 4 days. During this time, and extending into your recovery period at home, there are several key aspects to expect and tips to aid in your recovery:

Cost of Jaw Operation

Corrective jaw operations can cost between 2000-3000 US dollars in Turkey. However, given the complexities tied to the teeth alignment and bite problems and the profound impact the surgery can have on one's facial aesthetics, the costs associated with this intervention can fluctuate.

This cost variation is influenced by several key factors, such as the surgeon and the type of surgery. In the United States, the surgery can cost between 7000-8000 US dollars, while in Europe the cost can be cheaper, but it is still more expensive than what you can get in Turkey.

How Can International Clinics Help You?

International Clinics helps international patients access affordable, high-quality medical and aesthetic procedures in Turkey. Our team of consultants is here to answer your questions and provide guidance throughout your treatment journey.

Our partner hospitals and clinics have successfully performed thousands of procedures for patients from Europe, Asia, North America, and the Middle East.

Use the contact forms on our website to request a free consultation with our team. We’re ready to help you get the care you need.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Jaw surgery or operation is a serious and major surgery that can cause complications if not done right.

Jaw surgery does improve the function of the upper and lower jaws and enhances their alignment.

Jawline surgery isn’t very painful as surgeons perform it under general anesthesia.

Jaw surgery is recommended for adults who have reached the final growth of their jaw. Also, it is possible to suggest surgery to teenagers after the age of 17.

The recovery time after jaw surgery may need around 2-4 weeks to be completed.

Jaw Surgery can positively change the appearance of your face.


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