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What Is Porcelain Bonding?

Many people confuse dental bonding with porcelain veneers. Porcelain veneers are thin shells made from high-grade ceramic that are custom-made to adhere to the front surfaces of your teeth.

Dental bonding, on the other hand, is a cosmetic dental procedure that involves preparing the surface of your tooth and applying resin on top to create the desired look.

Dental bonding isn’t a permanent solution and may require touch-ups every three to ten years depending on your individual circumstances.

Porcelain veneers or porcelain bonding teeth give the appearance of genuine teeth and are meant to restore the appearance of your teeth.

While dental bonding may not require significant enamel removal, porcelain veneers require a more invasive procedure. Once placed, porcelain veneers are not reversible and must be replaced every 10 to 20 years.

In contrast, dental bonding is completely reversible and can be removed with minimal damage to the tooth.

Benefits of Porcelain Bonding

Veneers and bonding are two popular cosmetic dental procedures that help restore the appearance of teeth.

Porcelain veneers are an excellent option for those looking to enhance the appearance of their smile.

Although they require a more intensive procedure than dental bonding, their benefits are well worth the investment:

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The Procedure of Porcelain Bonding

The process of applying porcelain veneers or bonding involves the following:

1. anesthesia

Before starting the porcelain veneer procedure, your dentist will typically give you a local anesthetic to ensure that you're comfortable during the process.

2. Enamel removal

Once you're numb, your dentist will remove a thin layer of enamel from your teeth to make room for the veneers. Don't worry, this procedure is painless and straightforward.

3. Molding the teeth

Next, your dentist will make a mold of your teeth, which is used to custom-make your porcelain veneers. The mold is sent to a dental laboratory where skilled technicians create veneers that perfectly match your natural teeth.

4. Placing temporary veneers

While you wait for your veneers to be ready, your dentist may place temporary veneers on your teeth. These temporary veneers are fragile and require extra care during eating and cleaning.

5. Placing the permanent veneers

When your custom-made veneers are ready, your dentist will remove the temporary ones and put a mild chemical on your teeth to make them a little rough. They will carefully glue each porcelain veneer to your teeth using composite resin cement.

Risks Porcelain Bonding

Porcelain veneer treatment, when performed correctly by dental professionals, is generally safe and effective.

However, like any other dental treatment, there are minimal risks involved along with certain side effects that you should consider before deciding on this option.

While these are not life-threatening, they can be avoided with proper care. Here are some of the potential side effects and risks of porcelain veneer treatment:

Cost of Porcelain Bonding

Porcelain veneers or bonding is an affordable option for people looking for cosmetic dental treatment. Although they cost significantly more than dental bonding, they are more durable and long-lasting. In Turkey, the cost of porcelain veneers doesn’t exceed 300 US dollars.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Porcelain bonding lasts between 3 to 10 years, depending on oral habits and the number of teeth treated.

Your dentist can bond porcelain to your teeth using luting composite and adhesive materials.

Veneers are better than dental bonding because they’re long-lasting and stronger. They also can cover stains better than casual teeth whitening. However, dental bonding remains best for gaps and dental repair.

Porcelain-bonded teeth are made from thin porcelain and certain composite material.

Dental bonding is more affordable than porcelain veneers, but it can’t resist staining or make your teeth look whiter.

Porcelain teeth look pretty natural looking, especially the best quality porcelain veneers.


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