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What Are Magnetic Braces?

Magnetic braces might strike you as a concept straight out of a sci-fi movie! After all, they’re not yet on the menu for dental treatment options, but that’s not to say that magnets don’t have a place in dentistry!

In fact, magnets are not strangers in the realm of dental care; they've held a place in the industry for many decades. Magnets display efficacy in affixing dentures and in applying the necessary forces for tooth realignment and stability.

Instead of the conventional, often uncomfortable bracket-and-wire ensemble, your teeth would be gently guided into their perfect positions by the invisible and silent power of magnetism. This could potentially fast-track the entire orthodontic process while enhancing comfort significantly.

Nonetheless, the application of magnets hasn't gained widespread acceptance, predominantly due to the intricate nature of magnetic physics. While the utilization of magnets in orthodontics has been explored, it comes with its share of drawbacks.

One of the primary limitations lies in the significant reduction in the force between two magnets even at a slight increase in distance. This loss of force could be so profound that it renders the magnets nearly ineffective.

Furthermore, magnets don't take well to heat; their magnetic intensity and their force take a substantial hit when exposed to high temperatures.

Why Choose Magnetic Braces in Turkey?

The concept of magnetic braces, though presently fraught with challenges, may well become a reality, revolutionizing the field of orthodontics. But for now, their application is restrained in most countries.

Even in Turkey, it’s not easy to find clinics or hospitals that offer magnetic braces. However, there are many compelling reasons why you should consider Turkey as your go-to place for such futuristic dental solutions:

Affordable Braces

The cost of dental treatments (including braces of all kinds) in Turkey is often significantly less than in many other countries. Although magnetic braces are still largely unavailable, their price tags are expected to be higher than other types of braces. This makes Turkey a budget-friendly choice for futuristic dental treatments.

Expertise & Experience

Turkey's dental professionals are skilled and experienced in installing almost every kind of brace. Indeed, many of these professionals have international qualifications and certifications, and many are starting to use magnetic dental dentures and braces.

Advanced Technology & Materials

Many Turkish dental clinics, such as International Clinics, offer all-inclusive packages that cover treatment, accommodation, and other aspects of the treatment journey in the country. This, of course, makes your treatment trip a more seamless and stress-free experience.

All-Inclusive Packages

Turkey is an ideal setting for post-surgery recovery, especially if you choose to have your surgery in Istanbul. Patients can relax and rejuvenate themselves while exploring the country's diverse attractions. The result is an enchanting treatment experience. Besides, Turkish clinics often provide extra services to vent out patients’ stress and discomfort after the procedure.

Travel Opportunities

Lastly, the chance to explore Turkey’s rich cultural heritage, cuisine, and landscapes adds an additional layer of appeal to the whole experience. In other words, you will get the best treatment alongside the best traveling experience.

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Benefits of Magnetic Braces

Magnets have a fascinating scope of applications in orthodontics and dental health. Here, we'll highlight the key benefits of using magnets in dental treatments:

Types of Magnetic Braces

Various functional orthopedic appliances employ the power of magnets to correct dentoskeletal malocclusions:

Functional Orthopaedic Magnetic Appliance (Foma) II

This appliance uses magnetic attraction between its upper and lower components to nudge the lower jaw forward, effectively addressing Class II dentoskeletal malocclusions.

Magnetic Activator Device (MAD)

This is a two-piece, magnetically active functional appliance designed to correct Class II malocclusions. It uses magnetic forces to provide freedom for mandibular movements and to ensure the continuous functioning of orofacial muscles.

Functional Magnetic System (FMS)

The FMS is a removable functional appliance that stimulates mandibular functions using mandibular and maxillary magnets set in an attractive configuration.

Retainers with Neodymium-Iron-Boron Micro-Magnets

These micro-magnets can be used in fixed retainers, contributing to the maintenance of the teeth's position post-treatment.

Drawbacks of Magnetic Braces

Despite the incredible benefits of using magnets in dental treatments, there are a few notable drawbacks that need consideration:

Cost of Magnetic Braces in Turkey

It’s difficult to provide precise numbers when it comes to the cost of magnetic braces because the technology is still in its infancy. However, as is the case for other dental treatments, the cost of these braces is expected to be much lower in Turkey than in other countries. In short, magnetic braces may cost around 150-500 US dollars in Turkey.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Metal braces aren’t magnetic or contain any form of magnetism.

Metal braces are definitely good for teeth as they can help align crooked or overcrowded teeth and resolve chewing or speech issues.

Braces are safe in an MRI, but they can distort the image quality taken for the head or face.

Braces aren’t risky or can damage your mouth or teeth, but they can affect the length of the teeth’s roots.

The effect of braces is lifelong, but their installation in the mouth is temporary.


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