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What Is Gingival Crown Lengthening?

Gingival crown lengthening is one of the more widely performed treatments in cosmetic dentistry. This procedure serves as an elegant solution to the issue of an excessively visible gumline - an aesthetic condition colloquially known as a 'gummy smile'.

In essence, crown lengthening is brought up when the circumstances necessitate the unveiling of more of the tooth, whether for practical functionality or for sheer visual appeal.

The process delicately revolves around the reshaping and elimination of minute quantities of both gum and bone tissue. This is done with the aim of laying bare the area of the tooth that needs to be addressed.

Crown lengthening is no new entrant to the dental world. Indeed, it has long held its place as a trusted, safe, and highly effective intervention. Gingivectomy is a time-honored technique used in crown lengthening.

Crown lengthening aims at diminishing the gum tissue, and where necessary, it carves down the bone, with the intent to ensure more of the tooth is confidently poised above the gum's surface.

Why Choose Gingival Crown Lengthening in Turkey?

Having a gingival crown lengthening procedure in Turkey presents an attractive choice for those who seek cheap yet high-quality dental care. Why, may you ask? Well, consider these persuasive factors:

Affordable Crown Lengthening

You'll find that dental procedures in Turkey are attractively priced, providing an affordable option without compromising on quality. After all, gingival crown lengthening procedures aren’t cheap or easily available in all countries. This alone makes Turkey the preferred destination of many people.

Competent Dental Professionals

International Clinics in Istanbul, for instance, is known for being home to highly skilled, internationally trained dental practitioners who perform gingival crown lengthening procedures on a regular basis.

These practitioners are trained for adeptness and precision in conducting procedures such as gingival crown lengthening.

Patient-Friendly Service

The warm and welcoming nature of Turkish healthcare providers enhances the overall treatment experience of most patients. In other words, you’re more likely to feel comfortable and well-cared-for throughout the procedure. Additionally, it will be easier for you to build strong relationships with your caregivers in the country.

Comprehensive Packages

Dental clinics in Turkey, including International Clinics in Istanbul, typically offer all-inclusive care plans and packages that cover everything from your initial consultation to aftercare instructions. The goal is to create a seamless treatment journey with minimal hassles and whistles.

Treatment Accessibility

Regardless of their busy schedule, Turkish dental clinics usually do an amazing job in organizing patients’ appointments to make treatment more accessible. Furthermore, Turkey is conveniently accessible from many parts of the world, reducing lengthy travel times.

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Benefits of Gingival Crown Lengthening

A well-executed crown lengthening procedure results in a crown that fits like a glove, paving the way for improved oral hygiene and enhanced comfort.​

At times, individuals pursue this procedure to correct a 'gummy smile', a condition characterized by the gums casting a noticeable shadow above the teeth when the person smiles.

In short, crown lengthening is a versatile dental procedure. The most frequent issues warranting crown lengthening range from teeth appearing too stubby, to severe tooth decay situated deep below the gum line, or a damaged tooth hidden under the gum line.

The procedure steps into the picture as a strategic attempt to boost the success rate of restorative dental appliances. It does so by unveiling more of the tooth's healthy surface area.

Here are some common applications and benefits of crown lengthening:

The Procedure of Gingival Crown Lengthening

Crown lengthening, despite appearing daunting initially, is a routine procedure that shouldn’t produce anxiety in patients. Generally, most crown lengthening interventions can be smoothly accomplished within an hour and are conducted in an outpatient setting.

Prior to the procedure, you'll typically receive a provisional crown, a safeguarding measure designed to keep your tooth shielded until your enduring crown can be affixed.

This procedure is carried out by a periodontist, a specialist adept in gum-related issues, while you're comfortably numb under the effects of a local anesthetic. Here are the main steps of the procedure:

1. Preparation

The periodontist first focuses on the gum area enveloping the tooth and the underlying bone in question. Using precise surgical tools, they deftly reshape these areas.

2. Recontouring

Your periodontist recontours the gums and the bone underneath until the teeth attain a suitable length that's just right for the application of an appropriate dental appliance and is pleasingly symmetrical.

Risks of Gingival Crown Lengthening

While there's a modest risk of infection associated with crown lengthening, it's on par with that of other surgical procedures.

Adhering strictly to the postoperative care guidelines can significantly aid in staving off any potential infection.

In the aftermath of the procedure, you might notice some bleeding at the operation site, and your teeth may develop a sensitivity to temperature extremes. This sensitivity, while feeling concerning initially, tends to diminish over time.

In addition, a visual disparity may also be apparent, with your treated tooth appearing longer than its neighbors. If bone removal was part of your procedure, the tooth might feel slightly more mobile than usual.

Unfortunately, crown lengthening could pose a slight challenge when it comes to the placement of a dental implant (if you lose your tooth down the line).

Cost of Gingival Crown Lengthening in Turkey

Gingival crown lengthening procedures come with varying price tags, depending on many factors. In general, the cost can range between 100-500 US dollars in Turkey. In other countries, the cost could reach up to 1000 US dollars, especially in the northern hemisphere. Hence, people like to visit Turkey and enjoy a cheaper, high-quality treatment in the country while enjoying their vacations or holidays.

How Can International Clinics Help You?

International Clinics helps international patients access affordable, high-quality medical and aesthetic procedures in Turkey. Our team of consultants is here to answer your questions and provide guidance throughout your treatment journey.

Our partner hospitals and clinics have successfully performed thousands of procedures for patients from Europe, Asia, North America, and the Middle East.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Crown lengthening isn’t a painful procedure as doctors use a local anesthetic to provide protection against pain.

A gingivectomy aims at removing part of the gum tissue. Meanwhile, crown lengthening aims at making the teeth larger in relation to the gums.

Gums can grow back after crown lengthening, but to counter this issue, the dentist removes part of the bone too.

Crown lengthening yields many benefits, especially for those who complain of aesthetic problems related to the gum shape, such as a gummy smile.

Crown lengthening isn’t a major surgery. Instead, it’s a somewhat minor surgery with a limited level of invasiveness, pain, and possible risk.

Crown Lengthening can lead to minor bleeding and tooth sensitivity, but it’s unlikely for these symptoms to go to severe levels.


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