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Geriatric Dentistry

Geriatric dentistry is a specialized field dedicated to preserving the oral well-being of elderly individuals, who often confront various medical conditions and rely on multiple medications.

The demographic landscape of older adults, typically defined as those aged 65 years and above, is expanding and is poised to constitute an increasingly substantial portion of dental practices in the foreseeable future.

This segment of our society might grapple with psychological and socioeconomic challenges that require specific dental care strategies.

Dentists specializing in geriatric dentistry often recognize that older individuals frequently encounter distinct symptoms of dental decay and gum-related ailments, which differ from those experienced by younger people.

Consequently, dental treatments for the elderly are tailored to accommodate any physical or cognitive limitations they may possess. Dentists must employ techniques and approaches that are specifically designed to address the unique requirements of each elderly patient.

Ignoring oral health among the elderly can lead to a range of adverse consequences, including malnutrition, diminished appetite, metabolic disorders, and even depression.

Why Choose Geriatric Dentistry in Turkey?

For those seeking comprehensive dental care for elderly individuals, geriatric dentistry in Turkey can be a very good choice.

Although the number of clinics that offer such treatments is limited, people still can find what they’re looking for in International Clinics in Istanbul. The reasons to get the treatment in Turkey include:

Affordable Geriatric Dentistry

Turkey has gained a reputation for offering high-quality geriatric treatments at affordable prices.

Many old people from Europe come to Turkey to receive different types of treatments including dental procedures because they’re aware of how the cost of treatment is low in Turkey compared to their home countries in the North.

Unparalleled Expertise & Specialization

Turkish dentists practicing Geriatric Dentistry possess unparalleled expertise and specialization in addressing the specific oral health needs of older patients, thanks to their long interactions with this segment.

With their profound understanding of the elderly’s needs, these dental professionals can provide effective treatments that suit everyone’s unique circumstances.

From advanced procedures like dental implants and dentures to specialized periodontal treatments and early oral cancer screenings, the range of available services is comprehensive enough to meet most needs of the elderly’s oral health.

Extensive Range of Treatment Options

Turkish dental clinics such as International Clinics in Istanbul offer an extensive range of treatment options for older adults.

Impressive Geriatric Technologies

Undoubtedly, dental clinics that provide geriatric dentistry must have the kind of technologies and tools needed for the procedures and treatments of elderly people.

Thankfully, Turkish clinics have the facilities and technologies necessary for this. After all, these modern tools empower dentists to offer advanced diagnostics, precise treatment planning, and efficient procedures.

Touristic Attractions

Geriatric dentistry in Turkey carries with it the opportunity to not only get excellent dental care for the elderly but also to enjoy different touristic activities and attractions.

In other words, the elderly can feel more relaxed and comfortable during their stay in Turkey for treatment as they can explore the country and enjoy their time with their loved ones.

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Value of Geriatric Dentistry​

The health condition of individuals aged 65 years and above displays a wide range of challenges, spanning from functional independence to fragility or cognitive impairment.

Here comes the value of geriatric dentistry, which involves the following benefits:

Specialized Care for Older People

There are multiple reasons why older individuals require specialized dental care from dentists who possess extensive training and experience in working with geriatric patients.

For instance, older adults face a heightened susceptibility to root caries due to a combination of the greater gingival recession that exposes root surfaces and the augmented use of medications leading to dry mouth. All of which require specialized care and attention.

Potential Drug Interactions

Elderly patients are more prone to taking multiple prescription medications, which makes them more vulnerable to drug interactions, medication errors, and adverse drug reactions. Dental professionals specializing in geriatric dentistry possess a deep understanding of this and take special precautions for better safety and well-being of older patients.

Compassion & Understanding

It’s not uncommon for seniors to experience sensory, physical, and cognitive impairments that complicate dental treatments and communication.

Recognizing these challenges, geriatric-focused dental professionals exert great care in minimizing noises and distractions during treatments.

Many even offer television and digital apps to provide older patients with a better experience.

It’s not uncommon for seniors to experience sensory, physical, and cognitive impairments that complicate dental treatments and communication.

Patience & Consideration

When attending to elderly patients suffering from dementia or physical impairments, it’s not always feasible to complete a thorough examination or treatment in one session.

Experienced dental professionals understand that despite their utmost patience and preparation, there may be limitations.

As a result, they are prepared to pause treatment if necessary and resume it at a later time, in the day or week, as long as the delay doesn’t compromise the patient's health.

Types of Geriatric Dentistry Treatment

Geriatric dentistry involves different types of dental treatment. These encompass:

Dental implants or dentures

Restorative solutions such as dental implants or dentures play a pivotal role in replacing missing teeth and restoring oral function in elderly individuals.

Tooth extractions

When faced with infected teeth that jeopardize overall oral health, tooth extractions become a crucial measure to prevent the spread of infection and prevent potential complications.

Gum disease treatment

The risk of gum disease among older adults shouldn’t be debated. The wise treatment plans aim to combat and manage this condition in order to promote healthier gums and preserve the foundation of one's oral health.

Early oral cancer screenings

Geriatric dentistry has a role to play in proactive care through early oral cancer screenings, which dentists need to detect and address any suspicious tumors.

Cost of Geriatric Dentistry in Turkey

The cost of geriatric dentistry services and treatment in Turkey varies widely based on the type and length of the treatment. Dental implants, for example, cost around 300-500 US dollars, depending on the type of implant.

Tooth extraction, on the other hand, could cost less than 100 US dollars. In any case, the cost of dental treatment in Turkey remains lower than in other countries, such as the United States, where geriatric dental services are very expensive.

How Can International Clinics Help You?

International Clinics helps international patients access affordable, high-quality medical and aesthetic procedures in Turkey. Our team of consultants is here to answer your questions and provide guidance throughout your treatment journey.

Our partner hospitals and clinics have successfully performed thousands of procedures for patients from Europe, Asia, North America, and the Middle East.

Use the contact forms on our website to request a free consultation with our team. We’re ready to help you get the care you need.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Geriatric patients suffer from different oral changes such as receding gums and dry mouth. Besides, oral cancer is more common among this group.

Tooth extraction is safe for elderly people, but it’s always better for dentists to take the complete medical history of these patients before performing any invasive dental procedure.

Geriatric dentistry is a very important specialization, especially in the Western countries that have a high number of elderly people.

Elderly people suffer from a variety of dental problems, such as gum disease, tooth decay, and other problems.

Elderly people are more at risk of oral disease due to age-related salivary changes and gum recession.

Bleeding gums occur more frequently in the elderly due to the prevalence of dry mouth and gum recession among these individuals.


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