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What Is a Fixed Lingual Retainer?

For many years, removable appliances have played a pivotal role in orthodontic retention treatments. An intriguing alternative to these is a fixed lingual retainer or more commonly known as a bonded lingual retainer.

Often composed of tightly braided stainless steel wire, this retainer is carefully connected to the lingual side of the teeth.

These fixed retainers have been experiencing a significant surge in popularity. In fact, they won the favor of many and are frequently employed due to their invisible nature, well-tolerated design, and proven effectiveness in preserving treatment results, all without requiring the patient's active compliance.

Despite this trend, it’s somewhat startling to discover that numerous orthodontic practices continue to primarily offer removable retainers.

However, because they’re suitable for patients across the age spectrum, these retainers, alongside removable retainers, constitute an integral part of orthodontic treatment for many people.

In a nutshell, a fixed lingual retainer is used with the intent of anchoring the associated teeth firmly in their positions. They offer an extra shield of protection against potential relapse, providing an additional sense of security in maintaining that perfect smile.

Why Choose a Fixed Lingual Retainer in Turkey?

Choosing to have a fixed lingual retainer in Turkey presents a myriad of advantages. After all, this exquisite country is also home to highly advanced dental healthcare that offers superior quality treatments, such as the fixed lingual retainer.

The reasons are plentiful for choosing this dental solution in Turkey, and here are key factors that make the case compelling to many people:

Affordable Fixed Lingual Retainers

Despite the outstanding quality of care, the cost of dental treatments in Turkey is remarkably affordable when compared to other countries. You can get a suitable fixed lingual retainer for a fraction of the price that you must pay in the United States or Canada.

Robust Lingual Retainers

Turkish dental clinics, especially international Clinics, use specific, robust types of fixed lingual retainers to ensure lasting outcomes and efficient treatment. They pay enormous attention to the materials and specifications of the retainers before providing them to their patients.

Experienced Dentists

To meet the high standard of dental healthcare in the country, Turkish dental clinics must only hire professionals who are renowned for their expert skills and adherence to international quality norms. This strength point is of great significance for patients who are looking for trustworthy healthcare providers to ensure better outcomes.

Comfort & Convenience

Most Turkish dental clinics prioritize patient comfort and offer personalized care and assistance, often including accommodation and transport arrangements. This mostly comes in the form of treatment packages geared toward optimal treatment experience.

Travel Opportunities

If you choose to have your dental treatment in Turkey, you will get a great opportunity to explore this beautiful country during your treatment period. You will be introduced to a new culture and a breathtaking vibe, especially if you choose to have your treatment in Istanbul.

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Benefits of Fixed Lingual Retainer

A lingual bonded or fixed retainer offers a multitude of benefits, and its design makes it a unique proposition for a large number of people. Here are some of its significant advantages:

The Procedure of Fixed Lingual Retainer

In order to maintain the position of the teeth and prevent any unwanted shifting, dentists install fixed lingual retainers in their offices. These retainers can effectively secure the connected teeth in place and provide an additional safeguard against relapse.

Often, it’s very common for patients to sense the presence of the newly introduced wire behind the front teeth. However, within a few days, the fixed retainer seamlessly becomes a natural and comfortable component of oral sensation.

Although highly effective, fixed retainers don't possess an indefinite lifespan. Proper maintenance and diligent home care practices can significantly prolong the longevity of any retainer. However, over time, replacement becomes necessary to ensure continued effectiveness.

Drawbacks of Fixed Lingual Retainer

A lingual fixed retainer, while possessing numerous benefits, also comes with certain risks that require consideration. Here are the key points to be aware of:

Cost of Fixed Lingual Retainer in Turkey

The cost of a fixed lingual retainer is around 150-500 US dollars in Turkey. In other countries, the cost can reach up to 1000 US dollars, which makes Turkey a more budget-friendly choice. In any case, retainers usually come with a cheaper price tag compared to braces and other orthodontic appliances.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Dentists often provide lingual bonded or fixed retainers to maintain the orthodontic results or to prevent undesirable movement of the teeth during the treatment stage.

Fixed retainers stay on the teeth for many years. They remain in place indefinitely or for at least 20 years.

Fixed retainers are better than removable retainers because they offer long-term effects.

You can eat almost anything, except the hard, crunchy foods that can dislodge the retainer.

Fixed retainers are a permanent solution, but in case a patient requests their removal, the dentist or orthodontist can actually remove them.

Fixed retainers don’t affect speech function because of their small size.


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